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Optimizing Customer Experience: Navigating the Challenges of E-commerce and B2B Interactions

In my daily work, I mainly deal with B2B clients. However, over many years of my experience working with e-commerce stores, I have often had contact with the end customer. And I know one thing - in today's world, each of us loves to be served in the best possible way. I often observe that until the moment we are the ones waiting for a response, we are terribly impatient. We expect a response here and now and a solution to our problem as soon as possible. Better immediately!

So, what happens when we are on the other side? That is, those who should be able to respond quickly and react to a problem that has arisen with such a customer?

Recently, I looked at various Instagram influencer pages (yes, I follow them too). And what struck me is that many of them think that one of the best moments of the day is when the courier arrives. Yes, I know, it's very superficial. But on the other hand, anyone who orders online knows that tracking a courier and checking the status of a shipment is a standard!

Now, let's put ourselves in the position of buying something online. The information on the website says that the product will arrive in 15 days. Okay, we ordered, and suddenly we have no more additional information, we're waiting for the tracking code, but? Nothing, there is no concrete response. We write, but there is no specific information from the other side. Frustration grows, and all the joy of online shopping suddenly fades with every minute that passes while waiting for a response.

So, when was the last time your company checked the processes? The emails that go out automatically? Have you planned any kind of after-sales procedure?

There is a lot of talk about the customer acquisition process (the so-called Funnel). Can you ever calculate how much it will really cost you to acquire 1 customer who has purchased your products? But if you lose them, is it still profitable for your company?

Bogumila Stroka


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