"I would like to grow my business and get new clients, but I don't have the resources, what should I do?".
Ever thought like this before?
We did.


We at YNOT Design have the mission to make wholesale easier, cheaper and faster for all of us.
We wake up every morning with the idea of a world in which brands can continue to invest in
developing new and amazing products which bewilder everyone who visits your home.

We are a global B2B E-commerce Agency which helps amazing brands to connect with e-commerce shops through whole Europe. We grow and develop new and well-known brands on an international level and intelligently optimize their assets for better online sales performance.

Our competent and professional team focuses on researching and discovering new Home, Furniture & Kids brands to introduce them to online stores in Europe.

Our main goal is to help manufacturers to enter the e-commerce network, connecting suppliers with sellers and instruct them on how to use this new and effective distribution channel. Our agency offers consulting on distribution and exportation, as well
as support on the selection of products and creation of price lists policy needed to enter the foreign markets.


Store owners and buyers thanks to us are able to discover beautiful new brands that we making sure their customers will love. All attention and experience aim to upload quickly items online.

E-commerce shops have our full support during the implementation process of online products.

Our strength is a savvy international team with
a constantly growing network of partners!

Bogumila Stroka

Led by passion and guided by experience in digital sales. Loves good furniture and minimalistic style. Always looking for win win solutions.

Katarzyna Adigwe

Never celebrates the closing of sale, celebrates the opening of a new relationship. Appreciates high-quality design and love farmhouse style.

Monika Zbroja - Pach

Design and beauty is her passion. Loves working with people and establish long term relationships Characterised by very high commitment and care for reliable and timely performance of entrusted tasks. 

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