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Navigating the World of Design - Top 5 fairs dedicated to furniture and home decor

The design world converges annually at some of the most prestigious furniture fairs across Europe, showcasing innovation, trends, and the future of interior aesthetics. 

If you think about that, just 20 years ago, the fairs were a unique way to see the products in real life and extend the collaboration not only locally, but also internationally. 

Today, these events still serve as epicentres for designers, manufacturers, retailers, and enthusiasts alike. However, nowadays, fairs have different impacts and goals. Most of them are dedicated to showcast the products that create real connection. Nevertheless, the main European fairs are still important even in the calendar of many from the industry.

Let’s see together our top five fairs to visit if you look for inspiration or want to make connections.

**1. Salone del Mobile (Milan, Italy): The Epitome of Design Excellence

What's Special: This event in Milan is renowned for showcasing new and incredible designs. People from all over the world gather here to see what's next in the world of furniture.

What You Can Do:

  • Explore New Designs: Check out the latest and coolest furniture designs.

  • Meet Design Experts: Talk to people who are perfect at making beautiful things.

**2. Maison&Objet (Paris, France): A Mix of Art and Business

What's Special: This event in Paris is like a mix of art and business. You get to see lots of different designs for homes. Organized twice per year, it collects people from all over the world ready to explore the designers.

What You Can Do:

  • Listen to Design Talks: Hear from people who know a lot about design and how it works.

  • Discover New Designers: Find out about new designers who are doing interesting things.

  • Connect with many companies selling small home&decor items.

**3. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair (Stockholm, Sweden): Simple and Sustainable

What's Special: This fair in Stockholm is all about simple and sustainable designs. They care about making things that are good for the environment. As you can imagine, it attracts all the fans of Scandinavian design.

What You Can Do:

  • Learn About Sustainability: See how designers are making things in a way that helps the Earth.

  • Celebrate Good Designs: Give a shout-out to designs that are super cool.

**4. IMM Cologne (Cologne, Germany): Shaping the Future of Interiors

What's Special: This event in Cologne is a big deal for showing what's coming next in home interiors. It sets the trends for the whole industry. This is a fair that attract many of furniture makers from around the world - being considered as one of the most important fairs in Europe and for sure for DACH market.

What You Can Do:

  • Check Out New Products: See new products released by the main furniture companies in the world.

  • Support New Designers: Find out about young designers who are going to be big in the future.

**5. London Design Festival (London, UK): A Festival of Design Fun

What's Special: The London Design Festival is like a big party for design lovers. It turns London into a cool place for everyone who likes design. This is less typical fair, more focused on the different installations around London in order to show the design publicly. There are 2-3 areas of the expositions, but the event is more oriented on trend setting and creating relationships.

What You Can Do:

  • Explore Different Areas: Check out different parts of London that are full of great designs.

  • Play with Installations: Have fun with designs that are not just for looking, but also for playing!

Conclusion: Enjoying Design in Europe

These furniture fairs are like giant playgrounds for anyone who loves cool and creative designs. Whether you just want to get inspired or meet people who love design like you do, these events in Europe have something for everyone. So, plan your visit, have fun, and let the creativity of these fairs inspire you!

As a practical note - fairs not always means immediate affairs or orders. Being part of these events, however, is important to create connections and meet people. How to get the most from the fairs, we will write about that soon! 🙂

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