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"I have a dream: 

make a wholesale easier for all"

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I am Bogumila and I am the owner of YNot Design

I have a dream:  make the life of Buyers easier. Why? 

I worked as a Buyer for an e-commerce furniture and home decor store and I discovered hundreds of amazing manufacturers that weren’t ready to embark on B2B relations, even if their products were outstanding.


Their lack of b2b experience often disqualified them from the possibility of collaborating with stores.

They were just not prepared for doing b2b. 


At that moment I decided to start my own business and help brands to do this better. I promised myself that Buyers will never again go without unanswered emails or miss product information.

This is how it all started…

Powered by humans,

supported by AI

Our Team is made of people with an incredible passion for their work and a high awareness of the sector we operate in. We understand all processes and are able to build a successful business strategy for brands and shops alike.


We believe in European production and high-quality items, supported by technology that helps automate many of our operations so that we can focus on what humans do best - build relationships between stores and suppliers.


How can we help you?

We offer advice, guidance, and resources that empower business owners to achieve their goals and develop successful wholesale strategies and collaborations.

Consultancy on B2B and retail-related aspects

B2B Sales Platform that helps Buyers source great new items

Outsourcing Sales Department that helps Brands to have qualified Teams focus on growing their network of resellers

We offer tailored assistance for each client in order to provide 360° support - from product selection, facilitating upload of items, order coordination, and after-sales.

We’re selective over which products join our portfolio. We proudly state that we want to work with European companies and local production. Because it is better for the environment, the local economy, and the quality of items.

Don't be afraid to say hi to us!

We will be pleased to mentor your business.

Meat the Core of the Team

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