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Terms & Conditions

Ownership of the site and of the buying and selling relationship

The website is owned by Stroka Ltd with a registered office in London, 163City Road, EC1V 1NR, London. Stroka Ltd is registered with the Company House under the number 11772210. The products present on the above sites will be shipped directly from the supplier on the B2B conditions. The name Stroka Ltd will coordinate the order confirmation with each supplier and take care of payment confirmation. Stroka Ltd is responsible for providing all the trade conditions from each brand, including delivery, for handling customers of any complaints as outlined in these Terms and Conditions. Stroka Ltd is not responsible for the price level and is not able to set them on the behalf of the supplier.

How to order


To make the collaboration with the stores easier, you can place an order through the website or email at You will find all the information you need to order on our website regarding the prices of the items. The order confirmation is valid for no more than 5 days, after which time the reservation/booking of the goods is not guaranteed

Types of payment


Stroka Ltd is not transiting money. All products will be paid directly to the supplier through bank transfer following the instruction provided by our logistic team. If you place the order for more than 1 supplier, our team will send you multiply invoices, based on the supplier with whom the order was placed.

Terms of Payment


The payments are made in advance. Agreements may differ from those stated above if they have been discussed in advance with our sales team. In case of any doubt, please contact

If payment is granted on a due date, it is essential that the payment terms are met. Missing or delayed payments can cause cancellation of the order or delaying production.

Minimum Order

Most of the suppliers presented on the website do not require MOQ (minimum order quantity). However, please visit: B2B AREA to see specific conditions for each brand. Agreements may differ from those stated above if they have been discussed in advance with our sales team. In case of any doubt, please contact



Each supplier will estimate the shipping costs when the order has been made and will be based on the provided postcode of the destination. Our suppliers work with different couriers and our logistic team always tries to find the most convenient shipping conditions. For some items, you can find information about the shipping cost in the description of the products.

Our suppliers also follow different lead times. Please check product detail to understand the production time for each item. In case of any doubt, please contact

We always ask you to notify the driver/carrier and sign with the reservation if the shipment is not in optimal conditions, otherwise, the supplier will not be able to take responsibility for any damage to the products during the transport.

Returns and non-conforming goods

Returns are not considered part of the contract in B2B Relations! Please always accept the goods with the reservation if the package is damaged. You can, however, open the claim in our company by sending an email at: orders@ynotdesign.cowhen the goods do not correspond in form, content, or price to what was described in the catalogue or what was described by our sales team.
Returns for unsold goods are not accepted.

Claim policy


Please contact us by email at as soon as possible, in any case within 5 days of receipt of the goods.


To open a claim, we need to receive the following information:

- Article number

- Invoice number

- Order number

- Pictures of products

- If possible, information on the assembly manuals regarding missing or not conforming pieces.


We take a right to not proceed with the claims in case of missing information.

Price changes

In the event of changes in market conditions that impact production, shipping costs, etc., suppliers can increase the prices with immediate effect.

Can I sell online?

Of course! Our B2B store should help you to source your business and provide you with all the information regarding the items.

If you wish to resell the items online, please contact our sales team in order to receive RRP.


Selling through the marketplace (Amazon, eBay, etc.) are allowed while respecting the minimum prices to the public for most of ours Suppliers.

NB: The catalogue and all graphic material are the intellectual property of Stroka Ltd. Publication are not permitted without our consent.

Compliance with terms and conditions


It is understood that the customer by placing the first order is accepting our business conditions.

The company reserves the right to carry out online and physical checks to verify compliance with the commercial conditions and the adjustment of prices to what was requested at the preliminary stage.


Please contact us for any clarifications and in any case before placing an order. It is understood as of now that if the above requirements are not met by the retailer, the company is authorized not to continue the relationship, not to accept any orders issued by the retailer and not to help with products purchased previously.

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