Minicolection Porticello was created out of love for Sicilian small port towns, one of which is called Porticello! We have kept the magic of these small towns, although we admit that we added a little blue shade to it to make it more universal. Small boats, hanging laundry, old houses (although those in Italy are more yellow), lighthouses and antique towers everywhere, birds on the streets, small symbols of belonging to the sea. Who does not love the sea?
That is why we have collected all these holiday elements into one minicolection. And it turned out to be a wonderful journey.
We have a novelty: XXL stickers which a) are not wallpaper b) are not a set. They are, for that matter, a composition of elements that will allow decorating a large surface on the wall. Blue night sky + a large lighthouse + bottom elements that allow you to place the composition over a desk or bed. This is a set that changes the character of the room.
The lighthouse (the whole composition) in size L has a size of 122 x 160 cm and is great if you want to stick Porticello above a full-size low bed. Oh, how wonderful it would be to sleep in the neighborhood of such a view, good dreams will surely find their way.
The size M lighthouse is 90 x 120 cm and this size is prepared specifically for nurseries, to place them above cradlles of 120 or 140 cm long.


  • Lenght (cm): 120
    WIdht (cm) / Depth (cm): -
    Height (cm): 160
    Diameter (cm): -
    Weight (kg): -