Savanna Adventure Collection is a gang of animals from a fairytale: a giraffe, a lemur, daddy lion with his son, an elephant, a toucan and even a pink flamingo. Wonderful creatures painted by Kasia Goraj Stróżyńska will be a perfect deco adjustment to any children’s room. They will stimulate the imagination, complete the interior, and you can tell stories about them… forever and ever.
Flaming or our elegant  representative of the collection. A beautiful addition to the girl’s room. Our flamingo has a very delicate colour, it is neighter too dark nor too flashy. It is exceptionally realistically painted, but it’s the merit of Kasia’s genius!
The flamingo is placed on a 60 x 70cm template, but the bird itself, after application, has a size of 52 x 56cm (width x height). Perfectly fits surface behind the bed and above the desk. We also recommend it to aplly it on the wardrobe doors, it looks just perfect!
The leaves on this template are only a background. Only the animal is a wallsticker cut and prepared for application.
We made our animals in pastel, delicate colour on purpose. That way they will match all the interior types. We also made more realistic than cartoon just like those from botanical albums’ pages. That way they will also be welcomed in the rooms of children of 5-6 years old not only in lovely nurseries. We believe that they will help in developing curiosity about the magical world of nature and… love for animals – this is a thing close to our hearts.
Have a great fun and… learning!


  • Lenght (cm): 60
    WIdht (cm) / Depth (cm): -
    Height (cm): 70
    Diameter (cm): -
    Weight (kg): -