The white CAROLINE shoe cabinet by Dancan with an upholstered seat is a practical and roomy piece of furniture that can significantly facilitate the arrangement of the hall space and increase comfort during everyday, routine activities - for example when putting on shoes. One of the hallmarks of the CAROLINE shoe cabinet is its width (almost 140 cm). This quite large size for this type of furniture makes it look very good against the background of wide walls. This makes it and ideal solution also for larger rooms.The CAROLINE shoe cabinet is made of black laminated furniture board, enriched with a golden decor adorning the edges of the door. The structure rests on four metal legs in the same shade of gold as the aforementioned decor. The white CAROLINE shoe cabinet is equipped with two drawers and two spacious shelves hidden behind the door. The drawers have a reinforced bottom - they have been designed to store lower shoes, while the shelves will successfully fit slightly higher models of shoes. The CAROLINE shoe cabinet does not have handles, and the Push to Open system was used to open and close both the drawers and shelves - gentle pressure on the fronts makes them open and close automatically.Thanks to its practical form and timeless design, the CAROLINE shoe cabinet by Dancan will be perfect for both modern and classic spaces.
A comfortable seat made of foam upholstered with fabric has been installed on the entire surface of the CAROLINE shoe cabinet. Thanks to this, putting on shoes is much easier and more comfortable, even when two people do it at the same time. The seat can be removed - it is mounted on solid Velcro.
The CAROLINE shoe cabinet by Dancan is part of the collection, which also includes a spacious chest of drawers. Both pieces of furniture come in two colour variants: black with golden and white with golden.
Plate thickness: 1.8 cm
Thickness of the upholstery foam on the seat: 4.5 cm
Shelves height: 32 cm
Shelves width: 34.5 cm
Shelves depth: 37 cm
Drawer height: 10 cm
Drawer width: 55 cm
Drawer depth: 31.5 cm
Drawer and door fronts: laminated furniture board;  white - high gloss
Construction: laminated furniture board; white; outside - high gloss; inside - mat
The back of the furniture: furniture board, white - mat
Drawers have a reinforced bottom
Seat: finished with Trinity 16 fabric (white) + foam
Legs and decor: metal; golden colour
The method of opening drawers and doors: Push to Open system
The product is made in Poland

Elegant white Dancan CAROLINE shoe cabinet with an upholstered seat

SKU: 5903812109853
  • Lenght (cm): 130
    Widht (cm) / Depth (cm): 40
    Height (cm): 78
    Diameter (cm):
    Weight (kg): 55