We produce our wallpapers on a special material that we have been looking for on the market for a very long time. It is a refined paper that beautifully reproduces colors. It is durable, matte and snow-white.
The material is certified non-flammable and meets all the requirements of the European Union.
The paper is not self-adhesive, therefore we recommend using not solvent based glue to apply it. We especially recommend Flugger 377 glue (this is not an advertisement, we always use this product t in our studio,o apply wallpapers in our studio,  hence the recommendation).
Before you apply wallpaper and any wall – please thoroughly prime the wall and clean the surface of dust or grease. Our wallpapers can be applied on the walls only after about 20 days from the last painting.


  • Lenght (cm): 50
    WIdht (cm) / Depth (cm): -
    Height (cm): 280
    Diameter (cm): -
    Weight (kg): -