Like a regular table, but not quite. Check closely, take a look and you'll see the work of a cheerful designer. A thick (up to 4 centimeter) plywood table top, a steel stand, which is characterized by the original double "X" from the bars. All handy, aesthetic and distinctive. This is what characterizes the best designer furniture, loft furniture and fantastic minimalist furniture - simplicity, but with an idea, some "roll", an original shift. The PENTO table feels great in the designer furniture family. Maybe it will also feel great in your home?

Coffee table PENTO 80 - black, black

SKU: TB003PENT-80-9005
  • Lenght (cm): 80
    WIdht (cm) / Depth (cm): 80
    Height (cm): 45
    Diameter (cm): -
    Weight (kg): 15