TENSIO PILLAR is a new member of our industrial TENSIO family. It is a metal bookshelf of light stature that makes its mark against the wall while avoiding to overload space. The TENSIO Collection is admired for its light look, practicality and lack of gratuitous details. TENSIO is minimalist furniture we love the most. Bookshelves are practical pieces of furniture with multiple purposes. You can use them to store your assets and collections, or you can choose to make them into decorative items. Often, these are quite heavy, and their dimensions dominate interiors, taking up much space. TENSIO PILLAR is entirely different! Industrial furniture, such as this, seamlessly blend in with its background while drawing attention with its manifested edges. It is excellent in presenting its contents. Minimalist furniture and order are close friends - it is easy to keep such furniture clean and orderly. The TENSIO PILLAR Bookshelf is available in two sizes. The smaller one is 140cm high, with 30cm of depth, fitting for low-area apartments where space is prized highly. Its larger version is 230cm high (with the same depth), being an excellent choice for lofts with higher interior. This book shelf shows two shelves with a lot of space inbetween. 
The TENSIO loft furniture looks gorgeously in a spacious living room, with pale walls or bricks in the background, yet are equally fitting for rooms with distinctive colours. What is significant, this is metal designer furniture with its colour to be customised freely.

Bookstand TENSIO PILLAR 5F 230x30 - black

SKU: TD003TENSREG5F-230-30-9005
  • Lenght (cm): -
    WIdht (cm) / Depth (cm): 30
    Height (cm): 230
    Diameter (cm): -
    Weight (kg): 18