Platt table
A modern complement to any interior Platt table is a modern proposal characterised by light design, unobtrusive aesthetics and finishing in a refreshing, Scandinavian style. It will fit perfectly right into the large and smaller interiors, without thrusting itself into the foreground, but rather neatly blending into the arrangement. It can be easily combined with the furniture that is already there, without having to replace all other piece of furniture. It makes the interior look light, bright and cosy. Beautiful and practical
This well thought-out table is a piece of furniture that performs multiple functions. A deep drawer has been neatly hidden inside, which allows you to accommodate a lot of treasures that are supposed to remain hidden. The upper part is crowned with a large, flat tabletop, which acts as a low coffee table. Perfect for the couch. It is divided visually into two parts: demarked by two different colours of the tabletop. Beautiful high gloss white, which adds elegance, and board with an oak décor. Under one part there is the said drawer, opened at the narrower side, and under another part there is an open shelf – a recess. Despite the inconspicuous size, the users really appreciate its surprisingly large usable space. Well thought-out functional solutions Platt is a table that has been thought down to the last detail. The drawer has a strong bottom that can easily bear the entrusted load. It can be opened by pressing – just push it gently and it will open automatically. It closes softly and silently. The table is supported by four soft wheels, made of materials, which will ensure that no scratches arise on the floor. The Wheels are a great functional solution. They allow the table to be moved easily, adjusting its location to changing needs. Undeniable durability The piece of furniture was made to serve for many years. Only durable, solid, highest-quality materials. Welds and joints guaranteeing no loosening. We do not use any half-measures and do not take short-cuts. We guarantee comfortable, long-term use. Platt was made of a laminated board with a structure of natural oak wood in a golden shade and of a high-gloss board. Customer service/orders Guaranteed durability. All our furniture is covered by an 8-year warranty.

a coffee table Platt Oak + arctic white

SKU: 5902273655268
  • Lenght (cm): 130
    Widht (cm) / Depth (cm): 40
    Height (cm): 78
    Diameter (cm):
    Weight (kg): 55