Extremely airy style
The Korsa coffee table is an innovation combined with a classic colour, reminiscent of natural wood, light cut and undeniable versatility. Its unobtrusive form allows it to be used in various  arrangements. It blends perfectly into the interior style and allows you to adapt it to other furniture you already have. Despite the rich functionality, its size does not overwhelm and it does not occupy half of the living room, but fits smaller and larger spaces, without disturbing their visual spaciousness. Nicely refined
Its thoughtful style, reminiscent of the Scandinavian one, is the beauty of simplicity. Lack of embellishments and the seemingly raw form make it so easy to arrange and it is this uncomplicated form that its beauty lies in. The table has a square base. It is divided into four equal, smaller squares. A large top in neutral white colour is divided by slats in a shade of contrasting golden oak tree. Under each square, there is an open, spacious shelf; each shelf is open towards other wall of the table, which makes the table look very original. In addition, it makes even a full recess does not look overfull, because you always see one side of the table at most. The interior of the shelves contrasts with the top: it is in the colour of beautiful, golden oak tree, imitating the structure and rings of
wood. This "chessboard" and inter-penetrating colours on each side create a very interesting effect. Thought-out in every bit The table is supported by four soft wheels – zero scratches on the floor guaranteed. This solution allows you to move the table freely and extremely easy with one gesture, placing it where it is most needed. Excellent raw materials The table is made of a strong laminated board with a colour reminiscent of natural oak tree and of a white laminated board. Joints and welds are supported by state-of-the-art technologies and materials that guarantee long-term durability. Customer service/orders Guaranteed durability. All our furniture is covered by an 8-year warranty.

a coffee table Korsa 2 Oak + arctic white

SKU: 5902273655251
  • Lenght (cm): 130
    Widht (cm) / Depth (cm): 40
    Height (cm): 78
    Diameter (cm):
    Weight (kg): 55