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Business Development

As the owner of YNOT Design, I decided to put all my knowledge and experience to help other companies to grow.

Manufacturing the products is really hard work.
Million things which need to be taken into consideration.
But selling them could be much harder!

If you are seriously thinking to grow your business
and increase your network of resellers, especially the big one, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE

We help to sell more

I'm an entrepreneur, I practised sell techniques for years and I love what I do.

I have long experience in sales and business development. It's for both manufacturers and online stores. I have been specialising for over 6 years in the sector of interior designs as also good quality home decor products for children. 
I work in sales and business development of my customers through the use of modern and non-standard methods of operation. I have a large background in marketing and international trade. 

To sell effectively it is not enough just to have a good product. You also need to have the right strategies. There are so many factors which need to be taken into consideration as brand orientation and positioning, preferable clients target etc. 

Tell me about your business and I will try to show you the right way.



Are you sure that your brand has a right identity?


Are you sure that your products are ready to be proposed to reseller?


Do you consider all components of the price? Are you competitive on the market?


Do you know how to find a right network of reseller?
Do you know what they will expect from you?


Do you have a strategy and the clear goal which would you like to reach?


If you think that now is the best moment to change something in your company, fill in a short survey and ask us for a consultancy
What is your category of products
How many products you have in your portfolio
Where are produce your products

Thanks for submitting!
We will contact you shortly.

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